I design at the systems level.  The uniqueness I bring combines human- and ecology-centered design with mathematical foundations, to create horticultural solutions.  Mother Nature is the best worker we have and she works 24/7/365, never taking a day off.  This is why beautiful and functional landscapes embrace nature.  I want people to interact with their spaces and fulfill our ecological potential.


Context is everything!

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Our Portfolio

Residential Design - Bringnig together function and form, along with some history, this front yard has fruit all year long: A mango tree with 7 varieties, stone fruit tree with 3 varieties, Apple tree with 3 varieties, a Pixie Tangerine, and a Lamb Hass Avocado. All of these edibles are paired with low-water-using plants.

Raised-bed boxes can be gorgeous! These were built out of reclaimed Cedar and will last for almost 100 years. Engineered to fit into the angles of this yard, the large garden box is paired with smaller versions in the background, this small yard has food all year long, and views of the La Costa Resort and ocean.

Residential Design - Polycultures (a more apt term for a food forest) represent nature's approach to resilience and self-reliance.  This front yard has fruit, medicine, and animals all year long. Mangos, apples, citrus, cherimoya, and more.  Many of the varieties have local significance such as the Thomson Cherimoya.  This yard also actively and passively harvests about 6,000 gallons of rainwater each year.  Support plants attract pollinators, mine nutrients from thes soil, deter pests, and add beauty!

Grow Our Own - Growing a portion of our own food is healthy, conscious, self reliant, and fun!  Once kids participate in farming, they become more adventurous eaters and don't waste food.  These kids eat straight from their yard!  Shouldn't you grow at least a portion of your own food?