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Year Round Fruit - Permaculture Voices Podcast 003

12 Months of Fruit Download the Handout

Wondering how to harvest fresh fruit from your own yard every day of the year?  I've taken a lot of the guesswork out of it!  Learn about some popular and rare choices for southern California. An insightful podcast that gets beyond basic design principles and into plant selection and techniques for fitting more variety in smaller spaces. Props to Diego at Permaculture Voices for having me on his program.  Click here for the handout that accompanies the interview.

Made in San Diego-Rare Fruits

From the San Diego Reader 1 Comment

The San Diego Reader's cover story on rare fruits packed in a ton of info, all relevant for southern California growers. I am proud to be so prominently featured next to some of my mentors, our local legends. Read the full article by Moss Gropen here.

Videos from The Reader





White Sapotes

Thanks to The Reader's Videographer Howie Rosen for shooting these clips. They are short and informative. Hope you enjoy!

Math in the Garden - Slopes and Shapes to Increase Surface Area

Featured Blog Post of the MIND Research Institute

How do we fit more plants into our spaces? MATH! Increase surface area to minimize wasted space and maximize planting area. My background in Math helps me read from the book of Nature. Read more.

Speaker at Permaculture Voices Conference

I was honored to be a speaker at Permaculture Voices, one of the world's leading Permaculture conferences. Read more.

How to Graft a Loquat Tree

From our friends at Ecology Artisans

A quick blog post on grafting a Loquat. This variety is from Spain and the fruits are the size of a golf ball. This material came to me from Spain, via Maurice Kong in Florida, by way of Leo Manuel.