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We specialize in edible plants, vegetable gardens and especially fruit trees. Here in Southern California we are blessed with some of the best weather in the world, but there are still challenges to overcome. Our soil is generally poor, our water contains many salts and is in short supply, and land is expensive. We offer consulting services to help homeowners, schools, and businesses grow a thriving edible landscape that is pleasing to the eye, and the palate! We also offer specialized installation and maintenance services such as fruit tree pruning, soil analysis and amending, and propagation or procurement of specialty varieties not found at the local box-store or nursery. We can save you months if not years of trial and error and help maximize the quality, quantity and diversity of your orchard and garden. Growing a portion of your own food at home or at your community garden is healthy, environmentally responsible, fun, and delicious! Now is a great time to get started... (6 1 9) 9 9 7 - 7 4 4 0 or bkotnik[at]

-Chairman, California Rare Fruit Growers-San Diego (CRFG-SD)
-Adjunct Faculty, Cuyamaca College - Ornamental Horticulture, Soils
-California Teaching Credential in Math, Agriculture
-Faculty, Foothills Adult Ed. Center (Horti- and Agriculture)
-Owner, Suburban Food Farm
-Master Composter

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Many clients find a one-hour consultation is enough to get going in the right direction. We discuss your "garden goals" and develop a plan to get you where you want to be and can schedule times for future activities such as pruning, grafting, or changing over a garden from one season to the next. Whether you want to know how to amend your soil, troubleshoot your compost bin, or which type of irrigation system is best for your needs, Suburban Food Farm can help!


We offer a limited number of services because our goal is to provide the highest quality and value for our clients. Our specialized knowledge in edibles sets us apart. We can show and explain if you want to be able to do it yourself, and can also tackle projects for you if you prefer. From broadacre designs and installations on several acres to creating trees with 5 or more varieties. A Site Assessment usually includes soil reports and a basic project plan, or whatever is requested. Much much more than mow and blow!  


Ben Kotnik teaches at Cuyamaca College and Foothills Adult School. 20 years' experience as an effective presenter, educator, and trainer at Sea World, UCLA, Arthur Andersen, KPMG, Sony, San Diego-area Community Colleges and more. Ben has an academic background in math, a professional background in information security, and now focuses on his passions for horticulture, sustainability, movement arts and the environment. Ben is available for speaking opportunities, classes, and workshops.
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I spend my time outside making things happen, which is why this site is so simple.

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